Awards Received by My Stories, Articles, and Radio Scripts, Etc.

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By Mabel Law Atkinson

  1. Poetry Principles Contest. 3rd. Given by Prof. L.R. Holmes (book award)
  2. "God Always Answers Prayers." Radio Script won Hon. Mention in Idaho Writers' League contest 1954
  3. "The Miracle." 2nd place in Radio Script contest of IWL contest for 1955 ($5.00 was my prize)
  4. "Peter Puddles Wins a Medal." Hon. Mention in Juvenile stories of IWL contest 1955
  5. "Is He a Modern Milton?" 1st Hon. Mention in articles of IWL contest 1955
  6. "Peter Puddles Is a Hero." Hon. Mention in Juvenile stories of the IWL contest 1954
  7. "Peter Puddles." Hon. Mention in juvenile stories of IWL contest 1953
  8. "I Love America." Hon Mention in short story contest sponsored by the National Thanksgiving Association, 1954 (Received two books as my prize)
  9. "Thanksgiving in the Heart." Tied for 1st (with Frances) in above contest 1955 (our prize $25.00)
  10. "Why Grocer Hanson Said No." Hon. Mention in National Women's Christian Temperance Union 1955
  11. "Men Are What Their Mothers Make Them." Hon. Mention in same contest (Check for over $9.00 my prize)
  12. "Kim Was Afraid." 1st place, Junior Class II, 1956. WCTU National Contest ($25.00 my prize)
  13. "The Saving Hand." Hon. Mention in Senior Class I of same contest. WCTU. 1956
  14. "When Sally Got Drunk." Hon. Mention in Children's Class III 1956. WCTU
  15. "Why Peter Puddles Laughed." 1st place in Juvenile Story. Idaho Writers' League 1956
  16. "Only Sage and More Sage." Hon. Mention Adult Story. IWL annual contest 1956
  17. "Barbara Learns about Thanksgiving." 1st in Radio Script. IWL annual contest 1956
  18. "What Writing Has Done for Me." First in letter contest, Writer's Notes and Quotes ($1.00). Published in Aug. 1957, "Writer's Notes & Quotes"
  19. "Thanksgiving in the Heart." First Hon. Mention Radio Scripts, IWL annual contest 1957
  20. "Fifty Singing Aprils." Second in Relief Society annual short story contest, 1957 ($40.00)
  21. "We'll Keep Your Secret Judge." 2nd in Radio Script, Idaho Writers' League, Fall 1958 ($5.00)
  22. "The Sentencing." Hon. Mention in Declamation Contest of Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1958
  23. "You Can Hold Your Head High." Second in Radio Script, Idaho Writers' League, Fall 1959
  24. "Inspiration in Creative Work." Third in articles in annual contest of IWL, Fall 1959
  25. "Not in Marble." Cover article for The White Ribboner, May-June 1958 ($10.00)
  26. "Willow Whistles." First in articles in contest of Idaho Poets' & Writers' Guild, Spring 1960
  27. "Let's Preserve a Priceless Art." 2nd in articles of Idaho Writers' League, Summer 1960 ($5.00)
  28. "A Little Like Abraham Lincoln." 1st in Radio Script in IWL contest, Summer 1960
  29. "I Shall Listen to Every Word." Hon. Mention in Juvenile Stories in IWL Contest, 1960
  30. "No Utility Value." In Writer's Notes