Letter from Erline to LeGrand, Tues. Noon.

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Logan, Ut.
Tues. Noon.

Dearest LeGrand,

Did you get home O.K. I hope so. I heard it had snowed lots over the Canyon. Which road did you take home?

LeGrand, I surely enjoyed myself while you were here. It is the best rest I've had since you were here before.

I'm proud of you LeGrand. I'm glad you are going on a mission. I am hope hope hoping I will be good enough when get back.

I went to work this morning. I got up at 35 min to 8 and had to go without breakfast. My bed was so warm I just couldn't make up my mind to get up 'til the last minute. (lazy me)

Please excuse the pencil but it is noon hour and I haven't time to find my pen.

LeGrand, I think you are the finest person I have met. You are always welcome here whenever you can come.

I must sign off for now as it's time for work.

I'll write again soon.

Good day Sweetheart. May God Keep On Blessing Us.

Keep your chin up and remember a smile goes father than a frown.

The heater is up in the front room now and everything is nice and warm.

Faithful forever.

I still think your swell.

As ever yours,