Letter from Erline to LeGrand, Wednesday noon (possibly October 1940?)

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Wed noon

Dearest LeGrand,

I'm ashamed of myself for not writing sooner. The last two nights I have sewed until I drop asleep then I'm too tired to write so just go to bed.

It's noon and only ten minutes to drop you a line.

Thanks so much for coming. I'm so glad you did. Come again whenever you can. Thanks so much for the apples. They are sure good. I take one to work and eat every afternoon.

When you are here I feel so satisfied and happy. I hope for the day when we can be together continually. Then life will be complete.

I'm glad we were good this time and did not give in to temptation. Thanks to you.

Did Gowan really get married?

I have to quit now but will write again soon.

I think you are swell.

All my love to you, LeGrand.

Forever faithful,