W. LeGrand Whipple at Takarazuka, Japan

Today I ran across this photo of my dad, Walter LeGrand Whipple. (Prior to serving in the U.S. Army, he went by his middle name “LeGrand.” As a soldier, he was addressed by his first name “Walter,” which he shortened to “Walt.”)

Dad told me on several occasions that he sang Handel’s Messiah in a chorus in 1945 at Takarazuka, Japan. Today I found a photo of him in uniform, taken December 23, 1945, in Takarazuka, Japan:

Photo of Walter LeGrand Whipple Sr at Takarazuka, Japan, Dec. 23, 1945.

Twenty-three years later, in December 1968, I attended two musicals at Takarazuka—one an all-girl revue, the other a traditional Japanese drama of Tom Thumb. Their website is at Takarazuka Revue.