A Warning from the Lord

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When I was a girl seven years old we were living at the mouth of East Canyon in Avon, Utah.

Our nearest neighbors the Berry Family lived a half a mile or so farther up the Canyon than we did.

One day Nephi Berry, a big boy, came to our place with a gun, which he said was not loaded.

Mother never wanted us children to be around a gun, but she heard the boy say it wasn't loaded, so went right on mixing bread. She was in the summer kitchen.

Joseph, my oldest brother, who was ten, looked into the barrel of the gun, and after he had taken his eye away, Vernon, who was nearly five, put his eye to the barrel and stood peering down into it. The neighbor boy had unconsciously put his thumb on the trigger while Vernon was looking into it.

Mama was still mixing bread and a Voice said to her "Go out and see to the children." Mama never paid much attention. She thought it was just her imagination and went on mixing bread. Again the Voice said "Go out to the children." Mama thought the gun wasn't loaded so thought she would rub the dough off her hands first, but the Voice came stronger than before, "Go and see to the children." At this she ran out with the dough still on her hands, saw Vernon with his eye to the gun, and jerked him away. She had barely got his face away when the gun went off and the bullet hit the dog which was lying near.

Nephi sneakingly said, "I didn't think it was loaded."

Mother has always been thankful that she needed the promptings of the Lord.

--Mabel Law Atkinson