Card from Erline to LeGrand, Father's Day 1983

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Here's wishing you a Happy Father's Day and many more of them. Your first son was born in 1943 and then you became a father for the first time. What a privilege and also a great responsibility, but you have weathered the storms well and also experienced much happiness from watching your five sons grow into manhood and take their place among the fathers of the world.

You've been a great Dad to them and a good husband to me. May God Bless you always.

Love, Erline

[LeGrand's response written in 1995:]

Thanks Erline!

When the whole world begins to tumble and cave in around and pile things higher and deeper you are right there cheering, coaxing, encouraging, bragging ... Lovingly.

Please keep on remembering

I love you!

Thanks, Walt.