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By Mabel Law Atkinson

  1. "When Santa's Reindeer Ran Away." 12 of my children's poems (Christmas) with narrative. Given Christmas 1952.
  2. "The Best Christmas Ever." A Christmas Story given 1955.
  3. "When May Danced In." Narrative prose and poetry. 5 poems. Given May Day 1953.
  4. "My Dad." Narrative and poetry. 11 of my poems, given Father's Day 1953.
  5. "The Story of Peter Puddles." Story of pet crane and four brothers.
  6. "Peter Puddles is a Hero." Another chapter of story.
  7. "Peter Puddles Wins Medal." Story continued.
  8. "Why Peter Puddles Laughed." Another chapter in book I am writing.
  9. "Peter Puddles Decides." Concluding chapter. Given over KPST October 20, 1956.