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Mabel Law Atkinson

I am a member of the Idaho Writers' League, American Poetry League, Word Weavers--of Los Angeles, Midwest Chaparral Poets, Avalon, Bardic Family of The American Bard, and Ars Poetica. I was a member of Modern Bards until its dissolution upon the death of its founder, Dr. Flozari Rockwood.

I am listed in Who's Who in American Poetry Today of 1954. I was notified of this at the same time I received word from The American Poets Fellowship Society Corp. of United American Poets that my poem "With Circling Wings" had been accepted for publication in the anthology Adventures in American Poetry 1954. I sent the poem upon invitation.

My book, Inviolate Eden, was reviewed by Lucille Evans in The American Bard Vol. 12, No. 9, January, February, March, 1955--rather fully, and in Avalon's News Bulletin briefly, March 11, 1955; also in Candor, July 1954.

My picture with a brief biography and mention of my work in poetry and my book was given in Midwest Chaparral Spring 1954. In the January issue of The Relief Society Magazine 1952, Vol. 39, No. 1, appeared my picture and brief biography accompanying my 3rd prize poem in the Eliza Roxey Snow Memorial Contest.

Brief statement of the work I do in the writing field was given in Roster of American Poetry League 1954-- Edited by Margie Boswell, Secretary, Mary O'Connor, President, and printed by Reflections Press, Box 145, Hartwick, New York.

In The Avalonian anthology for Avalon, 1952, is given a review of my work as a writer. I am also written in Different Vol. 7, No. 4, Spring 1953; Different Vol. 7, No. 6, Fall 1953; and in Different Vol. 7, No. 2, Summer 1951. In Avalon News Vol. 2, No. 1, published at Alpine, Texas, my recent winnings in poetry and prose were reviewed, and my radio work, etc.

My work of winning contests, etc., has been published from time to time in The Deseret News (July 1, 1953, with my picture and again several times); The Herald Journal (November 30, 1954; June 26, 1953--with picture; June 1954--with picture; and others); The Preston Citizen (December 2, 1954; October 27, 1955; with picture July 1953; again with picture June 1954).

Through my efforts the poetry club, Junior Bards of West Side High was organized during the school year 1952-53. I was advisor and gave typewritten sheets with assignments, simple explanations of technique, etc.; corrected poems for students, gave contests which noted poets judged, and for which I gave book prizes. In fall of 1954 I moved to Logan and the work of the club dwindled and club was discontinued later. I spent winter of 1954-55 in Salt Lake City.