From Dewey Whipple, October 29, 1984

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[Read at the funeral of LeGrand's father, October 29, 1984]

Oh to hear again, with ears
Now clear, to move with
Quickness not held by age's grasp.
This change of sphere, looked upon
With mortals' anxieties and fears,
Is sweet, is good, is home.
Tell I all here of how I feel
Brings peace to those who trust and know,
Of Father's plan of returning from whence
We came.
Truths restored in latter days ring true.

As I view from heavenly sphere,
Posterity of mine, connected with
Welding links of Priesthood power,
My heart leaps, swells, rejoices for
Blessed am I.
To be in such a chain that has
Strength and power is life's quest complete.
I feel fulfilled.

Blessed with arrows many
In quiver of mine, sons, daughter,
And those of yours, how full I am.
Each one is dear.
Those yet to come, send I to
You, care well for each, as times
Ahead need strong warriors for
Completion of destiny of mother earth.
Each shaft of mine my love I send.

Companions of mine have cared for me,
With patience, love, devotion.
See I today my Esther dear, thanks
Give I to you for what you are.
Your love has buoyed me in
Twilight years.
Hold tight to our bond. Look I for you
In future time.
Family of ours will look to you for
Strength, this you give well.
You are not alone, veils are
Thin, I am here.
Look to dear earthly friends
Of ours, they give much strength.

—Dewey Whipple, October 29, 1984