Letter from Dick to His Brother LeGrand, November 27, 1940

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46719 So State St
Murray, Utah
Nov. 27, 1940

Dear LeGrand,

They say when a guy has something on his mind he ought to get it off quick and here goes.

I'm staying out home now been working on a job in Tooele and I thought I ought to visit the family. Dad was in Murray last night doing some Christmas shopping and dropped by.

I guess you had a good time Thanksgiving and by gosh if you didn't it wasn't my fault. I went to Provo with the boss's dad and sure had fun.

My work has been slacking since the cold spell came and I would like to get me another job until spring. Of course I'm still working most of the time (partly) but I like a full pay day. Dad say's they are putting on quite a few men out where you [work]. How small are the chances to get a job out there. I would like a carpenter job but any steady job would be welcomed.

Say will you tell me one thing: how in the heck do four people stay in that small trailer of yours? I could savvy four boys but a woman in the bunch, gosh!

Oh, say! While we're on the subject of Christmas, do you know what I want Santa to give me especially Le Grand. A pair of ice skates you know those in that box just fit me. And while we're at it what would you like for Christmas? I believe Albert wants a pair of skates too and I hope I feel in the right mood when I go buy his Christmas present.

By the way, when are you going on your mission? And where? Tell me so I will know when to come to the farewell party.

In the job you are working on now what are you doing? I hope you get to drive the cat soon.

Well I guess I'd better quit and go to bed. Write real soon and when you do, take this letter and pick all the questions out and answer them.

Always thinking of you
Your Brother