Letter from Erline to LeGrand, December 15, 1940

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December 15
Sunday Nite

My dearest LeGrand,

I have just come home from church. I surely enjoyed church and wished very much that you could have been here.

Maybe sometime we can always go to church together.

The theme of church tonite was, "If thou doest good, thou will be accepted, if thou doest bad, sin lies at thy door."

I went up town yesterday morning and Xmas shopped. When I came home about 1:30 P.M. I saw a letter in the mail box. Guess who it was from? I was sure glad for it. Thanks so much for writing as much as you do.

I'm glad the weather has warmed up but I was sorry to hear of your bad luck. I guess it's all in a lifetime. Life cannot be roses all the time, it has a few thorns sometimes.

Grandma says she will have to get a cow bell or invent something to get me up in the mornings. She called me a half hour before I woke up this morning. I stayed up and sewed until 12:00 last nite. Then I quit as Sunday was here.

I have two dresses left and I'm knocking on wood so I don't get any more to make before Xmas. I'm going to hurry and get them done and get the house clean and in order for Xmas.

Are you coming for Christmas? I hope you can. You are perfectly welcome to come LeGrand. It would be a very nice Christmas if you were here. We would have Christmas dinner in Dayton.

Sunday is a very lonesome day for me, when you are in Wendover. It is more lonesome than other days because I cannot work. Other days I work as long and hard as I can and partly rid myself of being lonesome.

Next time you come I will feel good enough to dance. (I hope) I like to dance with you.

The next two years are going to be lonesome ones but I am so proud of you LeGrand. They picked out a good person for a missionary when they picked you.

Call me on the phone sometime. It is so nice to hear your voice when I can't see you.

Good nite Sweetheart

May the guarding angels watch over you at all times.

May God Bless Us.

Faithful and Lovingly Forever