Letter from Erline to LeGrand, December 19, 1940

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Logan, Utah
Dec. 19, 1940

My dearest LeGrand,

At last I have time to sit down long enough to write a letter to you. I haven't sat down, only to eat the last week and a half. Tonite my ankles are very swollen. I'll have to get more sleep I guess.

LeGrand, how is your cold? I do hope it's better. Please take care of yourself. It would make me feel very bad if something should happen to you.

I sure to wish you could be here for Christmas. We could have such a good time. Mother was here today. She is all prepared for Christmas. She will have a pretty tree and a good dinner Christmas day. She sure hopes you can come and so do I. The kids are all trying to be so good for when you and I go up there [to Dayton, Idaho]. If you can't make it Xmas let's go up sometime before you go. New Year's if you are here.

I got your watch today. I think it is a beauty. I have your watch and pen set all wrapped but will keep them here till you come. Grandma has a silk scarf for you. I'm telling you because you might not come Christmas but they are yours whenever you come. Please LeGrand don't get anything for me. I don't really need anything and your money will be needed in the mission field more than if spent on me. I can do without a chest for awhile.

I want you to accept these little presents without feeling any obligation. I don't begrudge giving them to you. I just hope they will help you along in your work. I am so proud of you. I will do all in my power to help you along for I know you are doing the Lord's work and I know you will be blessed as long as you serve him in a way pleasing unto him.

May God bless you LeGrand and bring you back to me as I would like being your partner very much. I cannot write all that is in my heart but I can assure you I think good thoughts of you at all times.

Please come as soon as you can. We will have plenty of nuts and candy. I'll make some cookies (the kind you like). We will have something nice to remember when we are far apart. I will be so proud to hear you speak in church. I'm very lucky to have such a nice, clean fellow. God has been good to me. I will feel honored to be able to go to your farewell. I will also feel happy when I can attend your welcome home party.

Grandma had a bad fall today. I gave her a hot bath and an alcohol rub down. I hope she rests. She is so good to me.

Good nite Sweetheart. All my love is saved for you.

Come whenever you can; you are sure welcome. If you should happen to come Xmas and I am in Dayton, come on up and feel at home with the rest of us. I sent my presents to the family home with Mother.

Goodnite again.

Sweet dreams Sweetheart.

Forever faithful,

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