Letter from Erline to LeGrand, November 24, 1940

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Logan, Utah
Nov. 24, 1940

My dearest LeGrand,

Two weeks have gone by without seeing you. My but I do miss you. You are so far away. Last nite I stayed home and made you some cookies and a cake. They look fairly good now, but you can't tell what shape they will be in when they reach you. I am mailing them when I mail this letter, so I hope you get them O.K.

LeGrand, without you I feel a sort of loneliness I cannot express. I hope you will be able to come up sometime quite soon. How long are you going to work at Wendover? Are you going to work after Christmas? It won't be long after Christmas until you enter the mission home, will it. About twelve days I believe. Please come for Christmas anyway and stay just as long as you can. A week or more if you can. Then you can go to Tooele and have your farewell party and I will come to Salt Lake the same day your farewell is to be held. Maybe you will be able to meet me there. I hope you can have it on a Friday or Sat. nite so it will be easy for me to get off work.

LeGrand, sometimes I miss you so much I feel like crying, but crying doesn't do any good, so I just cross my fingers and knock on wood and hope for you. I am so glad you have been among the worthy few who has been chosen for a mission. I will do all in my power to see you fulfill it and will be so glad for all the good you do.

I taught S.S. again today. I appreciate the good work more all the time. Whenever I am in church I feel a peace and contentment that I cannot account for. It is almost the same as when you are around. Tonite as I sat in Relief Society conference I thought of you and the times we have gone to church together. I hope they will someday be many. I have much respect for you, LeGrand, and so I will try and live the gospel the best I can and hope to be worthy of you someday.

Do you live in the trailer house? I guess you don't get lonely with two others about your own age. It would be lots of fun I imagine.

My but we have lots of snow. Please keep warm, eat the right things and keep well.

Rozella and kids were home from Kamas for Thanksgiving. Karen said, "I come to see you, 'Neen. I like 'Neen." She wanted me to go back to Kamas with her today. I carried her out to the car and she hugged me and wasn't going to get in until I would. So I told her maybe I could go next time, and then it was O.K. I sure do like her. She is so cuddly and cute.

Grandma sends her good wishes and whould like to see you too.

If it should be you can't come 'til Xmas, I guess I can stand it, as the money you make by working will help on your mission. Please write.

Good nite Sweetheart.

Love, Erline