Letter from Erline to LeGrand, November 28, 1940

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Logan, Utah
Nov. 28, 1940

My dearest LeGrand,

Thanks so much for the nice letter I got today. Whenever I get a letter this body of mine fills with pep and a determination to keep on doing the best I can.

I'm glad they gave you a try on the Cat. You enjoy it the most, don't you, and the more experience you have with it the better. It may lead to a permanent job someday.

The weather has moderated and now we have slush.

I'm sorry to hear you have had a cold. I'm sure glad you are better. It has been just a year since I had one. I'd better knock on wood. I surely miss you. I wish I could be there with you, but as I can't, we will just make the best of things as they are. The trailer must be quite crowded with four of you.

How long are you going to keep working? Are you going to work any after Christmas? I sure hope you can be here for Xmas and a few days at least. It seems so long since you were here.

I have three more dishtowels done. I did two last nite. I stayed up 'til twelve working on them and so have been tired all day. I'm being lazy and taking it easy tonite. Tonite is the first nite I have took things easy since you were here. We have worked the last two Saturdays. I'm sure glad we don't have to work this Sat. I'm going to clean house Friday nite and spend all day Sat. and Sat. nite sewing on my machine. I just get caught up on my sewing and I get lots more to do.

I'm still sorry I wasn't here when you phoned. It would have been so good to hear you again. Our number is 607.J. The wedding reception was in honor of Vera Jessen and Vinton Humphries. The lady that gave it was a Presbyterian. She had cards as the entertainment. My but I felt out of place as I don't like to play cards. I think it is a waste of time. I played the best I could to be polite. (I didn't get the booby prize). She served coffee with the lunch and the punch had liquor in it. I left my coffee and punch and I noticed several others did the same. It wasn't hardly the right way to have a shower. Lorraine Calder was at the shower. It was such a cold nite that she stayed overnite with me. It was 7:30 next morning before I even work up. When I did wake I sure did shake her and we got up and got in our clothes as fast as possible and went to work without breakfast. (Lazy people)

Thanks so much for the pictures. And the road map. The road map especially. I may need it if I should hitch hike to Wendover.

Thanksgiving day seemed so lonesome without you. But I have so much to be thankful for. A nice boy friend, health, work, my parents and my religion, also my friends and brothers and sisters.

I didn't go home Sunday. I didn't wish to go when you couldn't

I'm glad you have someone to cook your meals.

LeGrand, there is one thing I am very happy about. I'm glad I've had the honor of meeting you. You are such a good honest person. You are kind, ambitious, religious, nice looking, morally straight and don't drink or smoke. To me you are the most perfect fellow I have ever met. I know you will always remain the same. I put all my faith and trust in you. I'm behind you 100% in all you ever try to do, because whatever you do is right.

Whenever you can come, be sure you are welcome here.

May God always bless the best fellow I ever hope to know.

Goodnite my Sweetheart.

Please find time to write. You have been good about writing. I get so I like letters often when I can't see you.

I cried when I got your letter last Monday. It was the second one since you had left. It was nearly two weeks with one letter until then. Your letters had been missent to Grantsville. So you can see how I felt. I was so happy to get one that I had to cry.

I have to write to Mother so I will close. I'm going to bed early tonite.

Goodnite again Sweetheart.

Here's wishing you peace and contentment.

Lovingly and forever,