Letter from Erline to LeGrand, October 2, 1940

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Logan, Utah
Oct. 2, 1940

My dearest LeGrand,

I was very happy to get your letter today and I am very much ashamed of myself for not writing to you sooner. I've just been going to work and then to bed. Tonite is the first I have eaten since yesterday noon. I've been sick but am feeling better tonite. I must have something going around as four others of the factory are sick the same way. I manage to go to work and then to bed. I was going to do the washing tonite, but Grandma wouldn't let me so I guess I'll do it tomorrow nite.

I hope you enjoyed yourself last weekend. I surely did. But when you go every bit of Sunshine seems to go too. I miss you very much. I hope you will be able to come again soon. I'm glad you got home O.K. I worry about you having to work in the smelter as it is bad on your health. Take as good of care of yourself as you can. Was Marvin glad to see you Monday morning? I'm glad he was ready.

Are you working every day now? Have you heard any more about your mission?

LeGrand, you can never realize how much you mean to me. I thank you for being so straight and upright and always doing things that are pleasing unto the Lord. I hope that every wish you have comes true. I'm glad that you don't drink and smoke and gamble as lots of young fellows do. Your honesty makes you outstanding.

How did you find your folks? I'll bet they were glad to see you come driving in. I'm always glad when I see you and "Henry."

Your last letter only had 143 words in it. It was sure short, but I was very glad to get it any way.

It has just started thundering. I guess we are in for another storm.

You meet with the Stake Presidency on the 13th don't you? That is a week from Sunday. I hope you can go on your mission as soon as possible. The quicker you go the quicker you can come back. Two years is quite a long time but it will be worth it. Just think of all the good you will do. Your patriarchal blessing says you will convert many and that people will listen to you. I know you will be doing the Lord's will. I will stay home and work and help you all I can and maybe my life will be enriched also. I'll be waiting the day you return.

I must go to bed now it's 8:00. Plenty early but if I don't I can't go to work. Some of the girls have to stay home from work, but I sleep all I can and do my best at work.

Good nite Sweetheart and may God bless us to do what is right.

May peace and joy be in your soul.

I am always yours,
Much love to you
Faithfully yours,