Letter from Erline to LeGrand, October 31, 1940

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Logan, Utah
Oct. 31, 1940

Dearest LeGrand,

Here it is Hallowe'en again. I wish you were here to celebrate it.

I just got through sacking candy and peanuts for my Sunday School party tomorrow nite. Elizabeth (the girl across the street) came and helped me. She said it was such fun. I told her if she would join the Church she could teach Sunday School with me and we could give the lesson together and have parties. She didn't say no. So LeGrand, I think she will join before very long if I keep after her. I may have one convert just staying home.

How are your folks? I hope they are well. Tell them hello for me.

I'm glad you got home O.K. It made me feel much happier when I got your letter Wednesday. I'm always happy when I can see and hear from you.

Did you get Stanley's dirty clothes? What did he have to say? Plenty!!!

I'm glad you got home in time to work Monday. Thanks so much for coming. I hope you can come again soon. You're perfectly welcome to anything we have.

How is the house coming? By your letter it sounds like it might be nearly done.

I registered last night. I will be able to vote next Tues.

I have embroidered one dish towel. I'll do another next week. And show them to you when you come. I got enough knit pieces for another rug. I will have two rugs when my mother gets through with them. She will have two rugs also. We work fifty-fifty. Good idea!!!

Grandma says hello. Sends her good wishes.

Work goes on just the same every day. I'm very thankful for it.

I must soon close and go to bed. I have been up late all week working. I feel as if a cold might be coming on so I must sleep it away.

Sweetheart, good nite.
May God bless us!
Sweet dreams.

Come to Logan when you can. I think you are swell. I hope you will always stay as sweet and good as you are. I'm sure you will. The same goes for me. I do try hard.

All my love to you and you alone.

Good night Sweetheart
Forever yours,