Letter from Erline to LeGrand, Sunday Nite

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Logan, Utah
Sunday Nite.

My dearest LeGrand,

I was so thrilled to have you call me last nite. It seemed so good to hear you. I sure would like to see you. I sure miss you. It seems like when I am home from work on weekends that I just listen for "Henry." But lately he just hasn't been in his old parking place.

When you called me I was so thrilled I just couldn't find words to say anything much and after we had quit I could think of lots of things to say. How long did we talk? If it is any of my business how much did it cost to phone? You don't have to tell me if you'd rather not.

Monday morning

I was too tired to finish this letter last nite so went to bed. I was so lazy yesterday. Just went to church and when home I was asleep. If felt so tired yesterday that I felt like I could sleep for a month. I feel lots better this morning.

I am sending a small chicken and a cake. I hope it reaches you O.K. Grandma cooked the chicken.

Did you get a letter Saturday? I was just wondering how long it takes for a letter to reach you after I mail it.

I just can't seem to think very good this morning and it's nearly time for work.

LeGrand, I surely think you are swell. You come first in my thoughts.

Keep up the good work. I will surely appreciate you more than ever when I see you again. The longer you are away the more you are missed.

We'll sure make up for everything at Christmas.

I am glad you are driving the Cat. LeGrand please don't work too hard or all of a sudden you'll find yourself all tired out.

Good morning Sweetheart.

May God Bless Us.

Faithful forever,