Letter from Erline to LeGrand, Tuesday, 4:10 PM

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Logan tues
4:10 PM
In bed

My dearest LeGrand,

I hope this letter finds you feeling better than I feel.

I have been sick since Sat. morning and here it is nearly Tues. nite. I'm sure tired of this bed. When you phoned Sat. I said I felt fine. When I said it I thought I would feel OK by Sunday. Since Sun. all I have eaten is 2 oranges and one glass tomato juice. I'm sending to the store for some 7 Up. I hope it helps.

I must have the intestinal flu. Lots of folks in the Sixth Ward are in bed with it now.

I have 8 dresses to cut out and sew before Xmas and the longer I have to stay in bed the more I worry about them.

I'm going to get up tomorrow and go to work (I hope).

Mr. Perry just came with the 7 Up. I've had some and my stomach feels better. He also carried up lots of coal.

LeGrand, I still think the same of you. I hope you are well. Please take care of yourself so you don't get sick.

It will soon be a month since you were here. I want you to know I have been true to you.

Please don't worry about me. When this letter reaches you I will be all better.

I'm tired so goodbye,

All my love to you and you alone.

Lovingly yours,