Letter from Erline to LeGrand, Wed. Noon

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Wed. Noon

Dearest LeGrand,

How are you? Are you all right? Thanks so much for the letters. They make me feel so good.

Did you get the parcel O.K.? I hope things weren't dry. I wanted a better box to send them in. I hunted around here and couldn't find any so I went to Bessie's and that's the best they had.

I'm sure sorry I wasn't here Friday nite when you called. It sure made me feel bad when I knew you tried to. I went to Providence after work Friday nite. Anut Rozella had us over to supper. After that I went to a wedding reception.

Next time I will be home. I have lots more sewing to do so I will be home about every nite 'til Xmas.

Next time say, "I am calling Logan, Utah. Mrs. F.J. Law's residence." That way it doesn't cost nearly so much as if you ask for me. And I will be here and answer the phone.

LeGrand, I surely do miss you. Sometimes I'd give anything to see you for just a minute.

I do hope you keep well. I'll surely see you Christmas won't I? It would be the very best sort of Xmas present just having you here.

I have you in my thoughts continually.

It's work time again so I must close.

Good day Sweetheart.

All my love to you & no one else.

Forever yours,