Letter from LeGrand in Billings, Montana, to His Grandparents, February 27, 1942

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Billings, Montana
619 North 31st Street
27 February 1942

Dear Grand Parents,

Stand by for a few words to let you know that I am still enjoying my job as a missionary out here in Billings. We are subject to transfer at any time and they have transferred me 3 times since leaving Utah.

The work of the Lord is progressing and nine new members of the Church were added last Sunday (22 Feb). Three of them were contacted for the first time in September by companion & me. Now they are enjoying the fullness of the everlasting Gospel along with the saints in Zion.

We have had logs of real winter up here, but it is warming up now. This morning it was only 8° below zero, with a slow lazy wind blowing. The snow has been very light all winter. I think that 8 or 10 inches would cover all we have had so far.

The war has thrown many of the small industries out of work because of lack of material, but this is a gas and oil section & it is still pretty busy. Most of the products seem to be exported.

I see where the pipe plant in Provo is expanding, which will bring lots of extra work to that section. Probably all the fellows who hasn't joined the army are working regular now.

I want to take this means of thanking you for the Christmas present. It certainly was kind of you. You can be sure that it had the same fate as all missionary money, that of being spent several times before it left the pocket.

Carry my love to all of the folks you see that I should know when it's convenient with you.

Sincerely your grandson,

Elder LeGrand Whipple