Letter from LeGrand in Columbus, Montana to the Atkinson Family, January 9, 1942

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Columbus, Mont.
Box 566
9 January 1942

Dear Atkinson family,

Unanswered letters are all about me even though I have been busy writing letters since early morning. The only way I will be able to keep up on my correspondence is to get a secretary. At one time I figured I would save all the fun of writing and do the job by a visit, but I have changed my mind.

It may be a little after New Years Day but it is never too late to wish you all a happy New Year and a prosperous one too.

Time rolls by readily. I see that I have unanswered letters way back in November.

Thanks to you for the box cake and candy that was in the Post Office when we came back from Nye. Any time any place any where it's candy from Atkinsons that holds first place in my mind two to one.

Monks had a great large tree. Straight, bushy, large at bottom & so tall the top bent a little. 12 candles and a box of icicles was the decorations and they were just right because the beauty of the tree with its cones was seeable.

Allen Monk & I hauled gravel on a few soggy places on the road that lead to the house while dinner was in the making. 3:00 P.M. was the dinner hour and I was ready to eat anything that didn't eat me first.

By 4:00 P.M. one of the strangest things happened. I lost my appetite but when one learns of what was on the table it is plenty easy to understand. Chicken, dressing, Irish potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes candied, pie (apple, cherry, minch, pumpkin), cake (fruit, chocolate layer) & to top things off in good order, a big freezer of ice cream. I know there was more than that because the table was clear full but that much will give you an idea at least.

I helped Abbie with the dishes. We washed & wiped for 1 1/2 hour steady. Did my hands ever look white & clean.

Then just as we finished the dishes a snow storm came up that brought our white Xmas. The pines on the nearby hill were white & beautiful along with the stillness of the air and falling snow.

Well, happy new year to you all and so long for a short time.