Letter from LeGrand to Erline, April 22, 1942

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Columbus, Mont.
Box 566
22 April 1942

Dear Erline,

Stand by for a few words to let you know that I am still in running order and able to be about a bit even if a storm is raging outside. A big wind storm came up about noon and now at 5:20 the rain is beginning to descend.

Say you know, when I quit or stopped work at Wendover I thought that the end of the temptations were here, but this week a brand new D-8 Cat went to work or came in for work on a Gov't Job and they tried like all 60 to get an operator. Soon as they found out that I was a Cat Skinner they begin all kinds of soliciting to get me sold on the idea of running Cat for them. The wages were $1.20 per hour or $9.40 per day and 30 days per month with time & 1/2 for all over 40 hours per week.

I used the same grounds for an argument this time as I did the last time. "It doesn't matter how much gold & silver one has in possession. It's only a mere nothing if God so willed it to take us in an instant. Regardless of the pile of money we have, none of it can be taken with us." "Build for yourself treasures in Heaven."

Well for this time probably I have the problem solved till they bring in those six more Cats and get them all ready for work then hit me to work for them again. All I can do probably is to keep plugging along and do my best. No doubt they will all come out in the wash and things will be for the best good of all concerned.

We have an engagement for this evening around seven o'clock and it's about 8 or 10 blocks away. By then let's hope that the elements have quieted a little. But as one of my former companions said it's never raining now but what it could be a little bit worse, so we will take what comes and like it.

Missionary work is a slow process because very seldom one sees any results. One day a home is wide open and friendly, but the next visit is just opposite because of a visit a minister of another church made in the meantime. In that case however the duty is partly done and we should keep plugging onward. That's what really makes things beautiful that are beautiful, a Rose without thorns isn't nearly so beautiful as one mixed with lots of sharp stickers. That's why this work is so good, old Satan is trying every conceivable method of thwarting the work of the Lord because he knows that the time is near at hand when his work is ended.

I got a letter from Dorothy the other day, last night in fact. She states she hasn't seen you in ages and the school attendance has decreased a lot from 3000 to 1500. Also she says there are a group of sailors in training for about 3 months, then a new group comes in, but 1/3 leaves each month. According to her she is happy that Marvin received a mission call before the war—just the same as you and I are.

When much is given much is expected, according to the Lord through Joseph Smith. May each and all of us cherish our honored birthright and be a wise servant and steward of what we possess. The Lord's blessings be with you and me always.

Lovingly & Faithfully yours,