Letter from LeGrand to Erline, April 4, 1941

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Minneapolis, Minn.
3706 Washburn Ave. N
April 4, 1941

My Dearest Erline,

No matter what language or what type or grade of English one speaks he will never be able to say anything but what he really is or believes. Because actions speak stronger than words any day. One's face is a true barometer of what one really is, because even if some small things start in the heart they won't stay long, in a short time the system has them up to the face.

Erline I love you from the bottom of my heart—No doubt it shows on my face. I am proud of it if it does because someone like you is really O.K. to be in love with. Hear is hoping that while I am out in the North Central States Mission field I will be able to represent the folks from Utah the way that is honorable and set an example that is truly good enough for the folks who are putting their trust in me.

Action springs out of desire. Thanks, Erline, for planting within this constitution of mine a desire to do the very best of my ability. With enough cultivation, humility, prayer, and faith on the part of this fellow he will be able to bring home something worth while in a short time.

The letters that are addressed to the mission home are held up for one more day because they forward the letters from there to this address. The letters you write on Sunday usually arrive Thursday or Friday about 11:30 or 12 noon. By any chance do you have the book Discourses of Brigham Young? It is a book that has many good ideas in and there isn't any more printed, so if it is around it is valuable little book to put your thumb on—743 pages of material given by B.Y. while on the trip west & in the west.

While we were in the library yesterday we worked on some good Saints work and uncovered lots of valuable records which will help them to get their Genealogy rolling along. There is still lots on the Whipple lines when we get time to work on it.

All the Minneapolis missionaries put $.25 into a pot and sent it back to Fillmore, Utah for flowers for the funeral service of the new lady missionary's mother. Sr. Johnson had been in Minneapolis for 3 weeks lacking two days and got a telegraph that her mother had a heart attack. 45 min. after she got the telegraph she was on the train headed west.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked his chief doctrine or theme he gave this: "I will speak ill of no man, ... and speak all the good I know of everyone." A beautiful bit of Mormon philosophy, do you think.

Time once again that a perfect day is through because I have been busy all day. Received a letter from Logan and written one to Logan. "When we go a Honkie Tonkin" will be good memories for us much longer than the song is popular. May God continue to bless us. All my love is for you and you alone Sweetheart.

Elder LeGrand