Letter from LeGrand to Erline, April 8, 1941

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Tuesday noon

My Dearest Erline,

While the kettle is merrily boiling I will let you know with a letter that all is well out here. The snow has left and everyone is raking their lawns and fixing up for spring. The sun is shining through a misty sky today, but it looks so good to see the sun a little at all.

For dinner today we have some parsnips and carrots coming up. I peeled them and cut them in long slim slices and put them in one pan to boil. We cook by the weeks & in as much as this is my week to cook we are going to forget 9/10 of the cans & have some vegetables because the cans aren't up to much as you know already. Nearly everything we had come from the can last week & our food run up to 3.50 each, which is way too high for two fellows.

Erline, Thanks for the letter I received yesterday. No matter how good I feel, I feel better after I read one of your letters, especially one that is from the mailbox just now.

Yesterday while tracting we left our first Book of Mormon with a good sincere lady in her late 20's or early 30's with a start of a good family and living in a good little house. She stated very specifically that she had no intention of changing because she was satisfied with her own. If she reads with a sincere, prayerful heart the Lord will work on her so she will be able to see that her church is good enough maybe, but—just the same as a person is satisfied with a one dollar bill until he is able to trade for a five.

Erline, Thanks for being so good to me; I appreciate all you do for me to make this mission possible and help fulfill my blessing. I will do all in my power to keep my end of the deal the way it should be. Some day if it is the Will of the Lord I hope to be the one to make your blessing be fulfilled.

The soup has been boiling 40 min. so had better sign off for now. I love you.

Faithful forever,
Elder LeGrand