Letter from LeGrand to Erline, July 24, 1940

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July 24, 1940

Dearest Erline,

Here it is Wednesday, I am ashamed of myself for not writing yesterday. Everyone is in Salt Lake to see the parade and celebrate, but I think I can celebrate out here in the wide open because a breeze will at least hit once in a while.

Are you celebrating in the factory or some other place? I am going to work today if something doesn't change my mind before 4 P.M.

Erline, it was kind of you to visit with my folks last weekend; they commend you highly and extend an invitation to come any time your heart's desire and share this home with us for any length of time.

I should be glad to meet your folks when I have a chance. The first weekend I have off I will call on you with "Henry," then we can pay a visit to your folks in Dayton.

Does your diet fail to list the quantity of salt required by your body? I ask this because when I was working at the smelter last summer and this they gave me some salt tablets each morning. They claimed that salt conditioned the blood to prevent bleeding of the nose in hot weather.

Thanks, Erline, for the wonderful time you show me when I am with you; I would walk across the Great Salt Desert in the summer time to spend one evening with you. If I had my way I would be with you all the time, but I must control my emotions, for a couple of years at least, because I have to prove to you a little stronger that I am at least a little of what you expect me to be.

Was Florence and Devere as good as we were? I hope but I don't think so, because we were pretty good; we can be better next time because when two minds are set for something positive, positive is the result.

Erline, I admire your personality and character, your strength to resist temptation is as strong as the mountains, and your influence on my life is stronger than the strongest storm that ever beat upon the mountains. Since I have known you the teachings I have been taught have become real to me instead of so far fetched. Out in the distance I can see the real purpose for our being on this earth; some day I may be permitted to fully understand but if I do you are the one to receive the credit, because your influence will have opened my eyes, or at least kept the snow out.

I have said plenty for this time, so I will sign off thanking the swellest girl I have ever known for all she has done for me. Thanks especially for the perfect picture machine.

Lovingly and Faithfully yours,

[LeGrand was living in Tooele, Utah, and Erline at 79 West 4th South in Logan, Utah, when this letter was written.]