Letter from LeGrand to Erline, June 22, 1942

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Columbus, Montana
Box 566
22 June 1942

Dear Erline,

Now for a few words from me since I have been in to Billings for conference and back into the same project again with the same companion.

Pres. Richards asked Dist. Pres. Dahlquist when they met at Baker how Elder Whipple is, and when he found out that I was back o.r. he must have been satisfied, because he had nothing at all along that line to say to me—at least he didn't ask me anything right along that line of going to Dayton.

We had a wonderful conference this time. Elder Geo. F. Richards of the Council of Twelve Apostles and his wife was among the visitors; also Pres. Richards and wife, and two sons, one daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. We surely had a fine spiritual feast; the Spirit of the Lord was made manifest and we heard much that should help us to be better missionaries.

In our missionary meeting we heard much as well as having an opportunity to speak and report on our project. Elder Geo. F. Richards is 81 years old and brought us many warnings and instructions from the Presidency of the Church. Maybe you would like to have a few of the notes I took.

  • Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep per 24 hours—but don't sleep more than is needful.
  • Early hours of morning is best time to study.
  • One cannot succeed while thinking of failure
  • Pray in secret—The Lord is willing to help those who help themselves.
  • He that knows truth and does it not, his life is a lie.
  • As a man thinkest, so is he.
  • Men think in secret and it comes to pass.
  • Thoughts are rapid, (example) finger that touches a hot stove.
  • Read good literature to help develop good character.
  • If one can control thoughts he can get rid of bad habits, pray when temptation comes, keep mind active.
  • This a good things to memorize.

Here now are a few notes I got from Res. Richards speech in Missionary Meeting.

  • Goal of anywhere is nowhere
  • To be good leaders we must be good followers.
  • Get in line with those men who are in authority of the Church.
  • This is not our Church or our Gospel, but it is Christ's Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • I know now why I do this as I do it only that it is a commandment of God.
  • Do all that we do in the name of the Son Jesus Christ.
  • Repent and call upon the Son forever more.

Notes from Elder Geo F. Richards' conference address Sat. Evening.

  • We are all trying to live a perfect law, the Gospel
  • He has been in the Church over 80 years and knew personally all the presidents except Prophet Joseph and bears testimony to the world that they are all men of God.

Notes from Pres. George F. Richards Jr. Conference address

  • I know something good about every one of you.
  • We are going to suffer and sacrifice more in the near future than we ever have before, so get your houses in order. Store up necessities in years of plenty for time [of] famine when is sure to come.
  • Learn to stand and walk by first being on our knees.
  • Learn to do then do it.
  • When one applies for a temple recommend the bishops or presidents ask this question to themselves: "Will worthiness endure?"
  • The Lord is going to try us as He never has before; Live the Gospel.

I certainly enjoyed conference this time. One reason I feel that has made it so enjoyable for me is: When all the Elders talked about how their girlfriend just got married or received a ring from some other fellow or turned the air on or dozens of other stories—"The Apostasy" for one—I set back and said to myself: There is one Sweetheart who is a perfect Sweetheart; I know because I had a rare privilege of seeing and hearing and feeling less than a week ago after 17 months of missionary work.

This next 7 months will see much more work done for the Lord that the past 17.

Lovingly and faithfully yours,

P.S. Put your arms around your mom and grandma and everyone who was so good to me and give them a big kiss!