Letter from LeGrand to Erline, May 21, 1941

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Minneapolis, Minn.
3706 Washburn Ave. N.
21 May 1941

Dear Erlilne,

Thanks for the swell letter that was in the mail yesterday. The poetry was very good to my estimation at least. Maybe that "Erline" & "her Mudder" could be substituted for "Mudder" and it would fit this fellow, because he would sure be a good guy if he was as good as Erline and her family needs one to be to come in the level a little.

This pageant business is nearly over now we think. Last Wed. & Thurs. evenings we presented it to the public in Minneapolis and this Friday we have things scheduled to present the finished product to an audience in St. Paul.

Aunt Della and Uncle Frank was to his mother's place in St. Paul for Mother's Day. They all seen the pageant when it was in Mpls., and commented on it very highly. Saturday of last week was the first vacant day of the week, so we spent all day Sat. with the Noack family in St. Paul. They told us that they are rough on "henry." At least they took the top all off, but he still runs & does justice to them. Dick got a (V8) Ford, so the same source of information says.

Your mother wrote me a nice long encouraging letter—and said that you are still as pleasant as ever.

We took a lot of pictures, but these are the only ones that came out very good. Seems that the rest were moved when they were snapped or something. Marvin took the one of the trailer house, but it still reminds us of many pleasant days together.

I am really proud to get one like this of all the goodies from you folks, I intend to send your folks in Dayton a copy soon.

We are in the church in Mpls. & the crowd will soon be here, so had better get to eating that quart of milk that Pard just brought.

So long Sweetheart, May the Lord continue to bless you.

Faithful & Lovingly forever,