Letter from LeGrand to Erline, May 30, 1941

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Minneapolis, Minn.
3706 Washburn Ave N.
30 May 1941

My Darling Erline,

Many sincere thanks to you for sending that splendid box of cake and cookies. Pard & I really want to express our thanks to you. The cake sure hits the spot.

Say you had lots of good surprises for me, but wait till you hear about the one that I have. I expected to go west some time maybe soon after two years was up. Last night Pres. Richards called & told me to tell all my friends good bye, and pack my trunk for he was through with me in Minneapolis. Well this fellow arose early this Decoration morning and finished getting a few of Pards Choice selections of poetry then packed things which had accumulated for 4 months. This trunk & suit case also brief case are rounded out like they are full. Tonight the Elders from the city all assembled for the last supper, macaroni with tomato sauce, bread, butter, beans, milk, honey, potato chips, & olives was the menu that I stirred together for them. After they went I got busy on the telephone and called all the good Saints who I knew and told them thanks & encouraged them to live their religion. A few good words to a fellow will go a long ways to help especially if you are expecting to come back to labor with them some day.

Lots of fellows have been out two years and when one is released a shift has to be made to fit the case & get two fellows who will work together. Pard has had special orders for quite a while to stay off from the foot! & he will probably be off for three more weeks out of his seven. Pres. Richards thinks that this fellow isn't adapted or is the wrong guy for the city. I agree with him 100% because when you can ride for 3 or 8 or 12 hours at a stretch without riding on the same track twice or getting out of the city limits there are a few too many people for me. Well there is a good fellow out in a rural district with an auto and a partner who will receive his release in tomorrow's mail, so I am supposed to catch the 9:25 a.m. train in the morning for the new field of labor.

Trunks are all packed, luggage to the depot, friends told good bye, lunch box filled. Oh yes, you can be sure that there is a good slice of cake in to help fill the cavity. I think I will leave half of the cake with Pard because I know that is what you would do in the similar case. He is going to be alone for some time. I don't know just how long though.

These last 15 hours that I have spent since I have known that I am going to Baker, Montana, have been longer than any since being in the mission field. The Elders get their mail at Box 662, Terry, Montana, % Elder M. H. Balls, at least that is the way it is recorded in the last report. If they have moved & we put % Elder Balls it will go to his new address.

Soon as I get in Montana I will send you word of the new location and everything that goes with it. For tonight I will close, so Good night Sweetheart. May God grant you every righteous desire of your heart. I love you Dear.

Faithful forever to you,
Elder W.L. Whipple