Letter from LeGrand to Erline, November 14, 1942

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Columbus, Mont.
Box 566
14 Nov 1942

Dear Erline,

Now for a short word to let you know that this fellow received your two letters since you heard from him. Also a check. Thanks, millions Sweetheart Dear. The wedding picture that you sent is good of your cousin. How near to that pattern is your dress?

I have worn my blue suit once since I saw you the last time and if nothing unforeseen comes up it will hang on the hanger or be in my suit case most of the time of my mission, because there is so much dust and lint on the chairs and in the air that it is impossibly, nearly, to keep it looking good. My gray suit, the one I bought in Minneapolis, seems just the thing to take lots of punishment that I have to hand out to it in this work.

Last night we visited one family with 8 children. I believe I told you last May or June that we visited them. Lately since the storm there is much mud about the house & they track much of it into the small 4 room shack. The little twin boys 2 1/2 & the 3 1/2 year old boy tussled quite a bit on the floor then whenever they touched our trousers a big dust spot was left. One needs a color in his clothes that is as near the color of the dust as possible and this suit that I wear all the time (or most of the time) answers those description.

This past week we have had 6 more cottage meetings. Our district president said that cottage meetings convert people, and that is one of the objects of this missionary work, so we we are out to do the work, with God's help, then maybe eventually some converts will come forth.

Well the time speeds by but you have a few or enough now to let you know that I am happy in the Work of the Lord and that my heart is full of love to you.

Lovingly & Faithfully yours,