Letter from LeGrand to Erline, September 17, 1942

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Columbus, Mont.
Box 566
17 Sept 1942

Dear Erline,

It has been raining all night and till now at 11:00 A.M. There is an apartment house in this city so we set out to tract it while it was raining. We left at 9:15 & had 2 invites in and made arrangements for 2 new cottage meetings. I sure had to do some tall talking to get my companion out, and finally I put on my fishing suit and let him wear my rain coat, but now we are back to the room he feels plenty good.

Yes, we had a good conference last weekend. We left Columbus Friday night on the bus and arrived in Billings at 9:15 P.M. We called on a few members but they had all moved, so we went to a telephone and finally hit a good sister who is Pres. of Relief Society & she invited us up to stay at her home, which we did.

Saturday we looked for Companion a suit of clothing till noon, then went to the Elders' apt. or place of abode and tossed the ox around with my 'X' companion till 2:30 P.M., when we went to the missionary meeting. This time our meeting was outstanding.

We had the opportunity of conversing privately with our mission president. All the Elders had that privilege. Then Pres. Richards came into the room where we all were and we had an 'A-1' meeting. All of us had a chance to speak to the group & report on our project & place of labor. Then our district president and mission pres. spoke to us on the topics of the day, & told us how important it was to stay together 2 & 2.

He, Pres. Richards, told of how one elder was accused of getting a young lady into trouble. Well, the elders had been together in their project except to get the mail & a few other short periods in the day time, so no one could pin a thing on either one of them.

Our missionary meeting lasted for about 6 1/2 hours in one setting, but we all enjoyed every minute of it and the time flew plenty rapidly.

1 family of members from Nye, Mont. drove 80 miles to attend the conference. One lady who had been baptized 3 weeks before drove 120 miles from Forsythe to attend conference & hear Pres. Richards speak. Many converts were called upon to bear their testimony during the meeting. It was sure good to hear how much the Gospel meant to them. One good sister who has been a member 1 1/2 years arose with tears in her eyes and said that she would give anything to live her life over. (It happens that she is in her 60's.)

All the missionaries had the opportunity to participate and speak. It sure did my old soul good to hear & speak and associate with friends & members those 3 days.

Monday we stayed in Billings & bought Elder Nielsen a suit (Victory suit without cuffs). As you know the new mission regulation is dark blue, grey or black—stripeless, plain back, double or single breast. It is plenty hard to get a suit that fits those descriptions because very few of the patterns are stripeless now days. But we found a good number in dark blue with nearly stripeless pattern.

By now you probably received a box from me with lots of junk in. The brown coat & pants are good but not for a missionary. Also those sox—Mission regulations on sox is long dark plain. Ties are dark plain to match suit. Shirts are to be white, but that's O.K. because most of my shirts are white anyway. If your heart so desires you can open the box or have it tied & put it in one of your spare corners in the basement or attic.

This is the first conference that I have attended out of seven that there was no transfers. All of us come back to our projects. (Happy day!)

Tell Grandma, Elizabeth, Bessie, Mother & everyone Hello! from me when you see them.

This letter carries my love to you from me. Thanks plenty for the letter that I received this A.M.

Lovingly yours,