Letter from LeGrand to His Mother, April 22, 1946

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#25 - 22 April

Dear Mom,

Here is the letter I have been waiting to write for a long time. The last one to you from Japan unless something comes up to change our planning.

The other day we made the first step on our homeward journey. I came to the 4th Replacement Depot where all in and out going troops report. I changed my Jap currency to US currency, turned in lots of equipment, went through the processing and this morning I received word that I am to go with the "General Bliss," a troup ship that is scheduled to sail 24th.

So from the way things look I may be home fore long now. They have on my papers to be discharged in Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Well, that is about the end of what is on my mind, only if things progress smoothly I should be home by 20th of May. That is a rough guess, maybe 30th, I don't know for sure.

Well so long for now folks. Carry my thanks to Bishop Smart & Bro. & Sr. Schwartz till I can give them a hearty hand shake. It sure was good of you folks to make this possible for me. It is just like a dream that I am about to go home to Zion.

So long, Mom

P.S. You may address my mail to
265 North 3rd East
Logan, Utah
and don't forget Mr.