Letter from LeGrand to His Mother, June 20, 1933

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Dear Mother and all,

I received your card and letter and Alma’s card. Sure been busy putting up hay I have mowed and raked and piled. We have hauled some dry lawn hay, but had to stop hauling because the weevil is taking the rest.

Tonight is the first night we got done before nine, but we still got two hours of watering. I don’t have to help water.

It sure has been hot. It was 103 degrees about six o’clock tonight. It has been cooler today than the last few days. It is clouding up tonight, the wind is blowing, and it makes it real cool. I have went to the reservoir to swim. I went to Arrowhead Sunday afternoon Sunday School. The water was warm, and I stayed in about three hours.

I was bridling the horse yesterday, and he jerked his head to the side quick and bumped my eye brow.

Went to Aunt Millie’s Saturday for ice cream. It sure was good. We have had strawberries, and they are about all gone. I like to mow just fine. While I was raking, I caught a ground squirrel, and after I set a trap I caught three more. I milk one cow and separate feed horses, calves, cats and lamb.

All my spare minutes I am doing something. I am making a neckerchief slide. I go to Sunday School all the time. I like the teacher very well.

Mrs. Nielson does my washing. She is dampening clothes now. Well, the bed is calling, so I will close.

Yours truly,