Letter from LeGrand to His Wife, April 19, 1946

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#563 - 19 April

Greetings Sweetheart,

And a few lines along a subject of interest to you, me and everyone. Yes, a subject that we have been talking of for some time about a year in fact.

Last evening I received a telephone call saying to pack my bags & get ready to move homeward. So I did. Then I am now on my last shift and it is about ended. I should report to the 4th Replacement Depot 11:00 AM this day.

About 20 or 30 days should make me a civilian again. Happy day. Pleasant thought. And beautiful dream.

"Oh What a beautiful Morning" in every sense of the word, sweetheart.

Well so much for that. If you receive this letter before you see me, you can stop the mail that you would send this way normally. I will perhaps send you a wireless before I leave so the boys can start looking for their dad before he walks in.

Those letters—affidavits were what I needed so thanks to the folks who had a hand in it or in getting them.

So long for now Sweetheart. Remember I love you.

Keep smiling,