Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Son, November 14, 1945

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14 Nov 1945

Dearest Wife & Son,

Evening once more so stand by for a short line from the great Metropolis of the World—a once mighty nation. With the help of the Lord and obedience to his teachings the U.S.A. could be an instrument in the hand of the Lord to bring Christianity to this nation of people.

As yet I haven't seen the bad side of the people as lots of the boys have who have been out on the battle front, so I am unable to let that cloud my mind & vision to the good. From all I am able to see these people are an industrious hard working people. And this war wasn't brought on at the will of the common people and it didn't help them a bit. As for a matter of fact these people are really hit hard from this war. Especially from the city. People have been putting an all out program for war & neglecting the necessities of life. And the American Air Force has done lots of damage to the factories.

The radio just announced that some Service Men's wives would be permitted to come to Japan in this deal of occupation. This would be a pretty good deal for a year or two if a man had his wife over here. And the living conditions for a soldier & his wife could be about the same as a rural area in Utah or Idaho. Now don't let me talk you into anything like that even if the Gov't passed a bill. I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

We put some lights in the barber shop before noon, and since noon I made about enough to finish paying for my clippers. Say you know this barbering is quite a deal. Barbers get out of this guard deal also K.P. and all other detail. And there are plenty Japanese around to sweep the barber shop floor & empty the trash can.

Well my dear, it's time that I signed off for another evening and crawl into this old sack for another night. Remember I love you and Walter. There is nothing for you to worry about. Things are just as natural around here now as they could be anywhere. Good food and all we need. Buildings. Steam heat. Army cot with 3 blankets & a wool sleeping bag. Warm clothing. Only thing for a fellow to long for is a one way trip to his wife & son. And maybe by now another son or daughter. The air mail letters come from U.S.A. in about 9 to 12 days from these. Now a fellow should have a letter to you by 25 Nov and a letter from you by 10 Dec. Oh what a beautiful thought. So long for now with lots of love. Remember Smile.