Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Son, November 6, 1945

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6 Nov 1945

Dearest Wife & Son,

This is another day past. Since I wrote the last note I dug my clippers out of my duffle bag & took in about 7 or 8 dollars. I worked three hours yesterday afternoon and 4 or so hours this Morning. I did all of the barbering during my off hours at the galley.

There was about 7 or 8 fellows who were cutting hair around the ship, but there is still fellows who are hitting me up for a barber job.

But this night I am about tired of being on my feet so I am taking time out to drop a line to my good little wife and cute boy. I know they are walking up & down the floor and spending lots of time looking and longing for a letter or a few words from this old fellow out here in the ex Jap empire.

This day at noon I stepped out on deck for a breath of fresh air. What do you think I saw? I saw a Volcanic Mt. Yes. A mountain that was /⎺\ up over and down so even and smoke was coming out or off the top. That was just one of the islands though I guess because we have been traveling all day and still not at Nagasaki Bay.

Last night I attended MIA meeting in this ship & had a real good lesson. One that was really worth while. One just like we had in the mission field. About 80% of the fellows were X Missionaries & there was one non member. Poor fellow - 6 X Missionaries - 2 who have been active in Church all their life. Nine of us had two & 1/2 hours of enjoyment in one little meeting.

I don't much know just what to write that would be of interest to you. By the time you get these letters and read them they will be so jumbled up in your own little head that you can spend two weeks to straighten them out. By that time you should have another set of letters from me.

Say you know that when I am a little bit tired I feel lots better than when I haven't been doing so much. That is the beauty of this old life. Work to get tired and have something to eat & wear - & have something to eat so we can live to serve the Lord. Yes. A great old life.

Well its time to go down to the Latrine & see if I can get a shower and shave. So I'll sign off for now. Remember to keep smiling and busy. Also remember there is one fellow out on this side of the world who loves you.

Good night