Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, April 22, 1946

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[Written from Japan, where LeGrand was part of the U.S. Army of Occupation, to his wife and sons in Logan, Utah.]

#564 — 22 April

Greetings Sweetheart —

From Japan and the last letter from this side of the good old earth. Yes 564 will be the last letter I expect to write unless something unforeseen comes up in the near future.

Yes you by now or by the time you read this letter have had a telephone call by a Logan boy I met at Fort Douglas. Any way he is going home to America by Air and I am scheduled to go by ship. Yes, they assigned me to go to U.S.A. by the "General Bliss" — Perhaps by 15 or 20 of next month I will be in America with my Sweet little wife & Sons —

They have me on the books to be discharged at Fort Lewis, Washington. So that is all I know — except the ship should sail on 24th of this month.

Oh yes, all mail from now on address to 265 North 3rd East Logan Utah or Dayton, Ida. either place they will catch up to me —

Well I will bring this short line to a high powered halt with a short reminder to my sweetheart that I love her & little boys. Remember I love you Sweetheart.

Keep smiling


Envelope postmarked Apr 24, 1946 by the Army Postal Service
Return address:
Walter L. Whipple
265 North 3rd East
Logan, Utah

Addressed to:
Mrs. Erline A. Whipple
265 North 3rd East
Logan, Utah