Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, April 4, 1946

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#553 - 4 April 46

Greetings Dear Wife & Sons,

While the radio is playing and the boys are tossing the ox around I will set out to write a few lines for my sweetheart and sons. There hasn't been much happening this day except I had a big washing and put the jap girls after it this morning. It will be dry in a few days. They have two girls coming each day for 7 or 8 hours to keep this hut clean. I should say they have two girls for each hut. They sweep & mop. Shine these ugly old GI shoes. Keep the clothes clean & pressed. Japanese girls 18 & 20 reminds one of 10 & 12 year old American girls—just little but they keep the place in order so that is something.

This afternoon I went over to the dentist once again. I made an appointment some two or so days back for an examination. When the Dr. looked at my teeth he decided one of them needed to be ground so he went after it. For an hour in a row he was busy and had me to make an appointment for next Wed—This tooth deal is getting to be rough. Worse every time that I go to a dentist.

George Burns and Gracie Allen is coming in over the radio at this time and they are playing a tune "Say it with Music." A radio is quite a device when you get to thinking how voice travels over the air waves. Some day I want to learn more about the radio deal. Maybe I will have a chance to get something more when I get out of this mess on the schooling program that the X service men have a change to get in on.

As you probably know each X soldier is entitled to 4 years of school under the G.I. Bill of Rights. He is entitled to $500.00 per year tuition & fees—and $95.00 per month for living expenses. Perhaps things will be able to be worked out some way.

Well its about time to close for this night. The noisy old radio is still bringing in George & Gracie. They are going through their lives history for someone & perhaps it will turn out to be the Insurance man instead of the Magazine Reporter.

In the mean time they are courting—Proposing and on the honey moon. Reminds me of a lot of pleasant days and happy times that I had in the Henry etc. Also in Montana with Mom & her son. Now I am over on this side of the good old earth remembering how much I love my little love birds & long to be back in the love nest.