Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, December 17, 1945

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[Written from Japan, where LeGrand was part of the U.S. Army of Occupation, to his wife and sons in Logan, Utah. It was Walter's second birthday.]

17 Dec 1945

Dearest Wife & Sons,

3 more letters from you arrived this evening. They are letters you wrote just when you received that telephone call from me nearly two months ago now.

Yes, and while I am on the subject of the 17th and two may may I write a few lines to my fine big son and the mother of my fine big son on this my son's birthday. Two years ago I well remember how I walked up & down the hall, then the good news from the Dr. A Son. And to look through the window & see my son for the first time was a real thrill. And to walk down the hall and visit with the boy's mother was a source of much joy. Two years ago and how time flies.

On Christmas morning I can well remember how cute the fine big boy looked in his white flannel sox. One sox that was bit enough to fit like a pair of pajamas.

Now two years later I have traveled half way around the world and had 500 new experiences, but I wouldn't give 20¢ to go through them again if I had to be away from my family this long.

Yes, the joy that comes from being associated with a fine young woman and boy is something that is worth more than all the silver & gold that this earth could produce.

One day in the not too far distant future this fellow will be where he can be with his family once again. From the rumors that are drifting here and there the chance of leaving this place looks very favorable. Perhaps within two or three months and you know that will be plenty far off. Still these past three months have gone powerfully fast.

My mind is just as blank now as can be except I was able to go to church yesterday in Osaka and meet with about 16 good brethren from all over the country. A fine spiritual feast I would say.

Well, So long for this evening. Remember I love you with all my heart.

Keep Smiling

Envelope postmarked Dec 19, 1945 by the Army Postal Service
Return address:
Pvt. W.L. Whipple 39943825
Co. L. 123 Inf APO 33
% P.M. San Francisco Calif.

Addressed to:
Mrs. Erline A. Whipple
265 North 3rd East
Logan, Utah