Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, December 24, 1945

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[Written from Japan, where LeGrand was part of the U.S. Army of Occupation, to his wife and sons in Logan, Utah.]

24 Dec 1945

Stand by for another few lines from this fellow over on this big island of a once powerful nation. Yes, an island with the area of the state of Montana and a population of 900 million—lots of people for a little space. Every little spot of farmland is used to produce, between railroads, up to the edge of the highways. On top of houses and every available spot is used to produce some of the things the people need to live on.

Now that it is Christmas season my heart turns towards these women & children in the nation who are suffering from the cold. But most of them will fare pretty well till spring, I suppose. By moving in with their relatives & community of public buildings most of them will fare O.K. There is a good shortage in the nation all right enough, but when everyone skimps a little there will be enough to have a little for everyone.

May the people of America live so that a war in America will be spared. It is a terrible thing to put it in very mild terms. But if this governmental system of Japan can be altered to get a system as the United States had or has ...

The poor people kept getting poorer if it was possible while the rich got richer all along.

The poor family can afford a bicycle and trailer while the fellow with a little more money can afford an ox & cart or horse & cart. Those with a little more can afford a small truck or 3 wheeled motorcycle rigged up like a truck. And men with a little more money afford an American truck or English truck.

Some walking with packs on the back. Some pulling hand carts. Some running horse-drawn honey wagons and others running some other rig—but it seems that everyone is busy. Yes, everyone has something to do it seems.

One of the hottest rumors that I heard about going home was what one fellow from an office told me this evening. He said fellows with 2 children would commence to leave 5 Jan and probably carry on till 1 Feb or later. That sounds about too good to be true, but it has to get that close some time. Still my hopes aren't building too high.

Well its time to close again. Remember I'm thinking of you on this Xmas season & wishing I could drop in for a few short minutes at least. But I can't, so give the boys a kiss for me and remind them that I love you and them.

Good night & sweet dreams
I love you

Envelope postmarked Dec 27, 1945 by the Army Postal Service
Return address:
Pvt. W.L. Whipple 39943825
Co. L. 123 Inf APO 33
% P.M. San Francisco Calif.

Addressed to:
Mrs. Erline A. Whipple
265 North 3rd East
Logan, Utah