Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, December 30, 1945

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[Written from Japan, where LeGrand was part of the U.S. Army of Occupation, to his wife and sons in Logan, Utah.]

30 Dec 1945

My Dearest Wife & Son,

Greetings from this section of the good old earth again this time. Someone in the barracks got hold of a squeeze box some day yesterday. Now they have been monkeying around till they make quite a few tunes with it and it makes me feel pretty good to hear some music.

I have been thinking how good it would be if we had a few boys who could pick out a tune on some musical instrument. If I have any money at all I will be willing to spend a little for music lessons for Walter & William provided they have a desire to learn Music. And I'll give them all the support that I can.

4 Jan 1945 [i.e. 1946]

I dropped this [note] pad in a drawer or pigeon hole and forgot where I placed it. Now I have a few short spare minutes, I'll add another line and get this ready for the mail box. I have been pulling guard pretty regular now days. They had a fire in Tokyo in one of the Barracks. Some 40 men died and many hospitalized. Now they have 9 Barracks guards walking in and around these buildings day and night.

Americans are beginning to find how inflammable the wood is. So they are taking every means of fire precaution in this Area—which is a good thing with so many men in and around this small area.

The rumors are still around as to when we'll be out of here. Time has passed already when according to some rumors we should have been on our way home. —and there is a good possibility that all the [end of note; missing page?]

Envelope postmarked Jan 6, 1946 by the Army Postal Service

Return address:
Pvt. W.L. Whipple 39943825
Co. L. 123 Inf. APO 33
% P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Addressed to:
Mrs. Erline A. Whipple
265 North 3rd East
Logan, Utah