Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, February 3, 1946

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[Written from Japan, where LeGrand was part of the U.S. Army of Occupation, to his wife and sons in Logan, Utah.]

3 Feb 1946

Dearest Wife & Sons,

Stand by for a few short lines this Sunday from Tokyo. Yes, in the capital of Japan. From 2:00 P.M. till 3:15 P.M. I attended an L.D.S. sacrament meeting. Perhaps the largest ever to be held on the Island of Japan. There were some 96 to 100 present. It was a real sensation to attend. They met in a fairly new Jap building some 8 stories high and one of the nicest buildings I have seen in this country.

Since I have been attending the radio school so intensively my mind seems tired and I have a hard time to think and write at the same time. I have a sleepy feeling when I try to think. Still when I ry to sleep in a few spare minutes on Sunday or so, I have no desire to sleep.

Still with the signal corps it is a much better deal than the Inf[antry]. We are studying subjects that have a good deal of future in and something that has a little excitement as well as all the chance to make mistakes. In other words if a fellow was around a teletype machine for 25 years he could learn something new every day.

Time out for a minute. Now—I just looked up & saw a fellow I knew down in Texas—from Mont. Just about every time I have turned around since I have been in Tokyo this day I have seen someone I knew or someone who knew me. In church I announced my name & Tooele–Logan, Utah. When church was over a captain and a 1st Lt. came up & asked me if I knew them. I recognized one fellow but not the other. I last saw both of them when I was at college in Logan—years ago.

Yes, this is a great old life. Thrills pell mell—and the speed with which time flies by has dried the tears and soothed the heart aches, so all in all things are progressing in a fairly normal cycle. Born into this world—grow up—get married—raise a family—see the children marry and raise a family. Yes. I don't expect that there was ever a period of time on the earth where a fellow could see so much happen in so short a time.

Radio—Teletype—Radio phone—air planes—atomic energy—lots of good improvements and developments along with the discovery of evil means of using the inventions.

Just last year for example—A new president of the nation and church—Atomic bomb—Jet propelled air plane—War over in Europe & Japan—Strikes—Strikes—Many more men drafted & many released from the army. Drafting of a World Charter and a fellow could go on for an hour listing the highlights, but these are a few of the highlights that made the headlines... And the greatest hit that never rated any more than perhaps one inch of print in the birth column but was just as outstanding was the birth of my second son and just think I have been missing many more excitements just because it's falling my lot to be over here.

Well it might be possible for us to get together again before 1946 wears out & take up where we left off. We'll never make up for time lost because that is just like water under the fridge.

It's time to close for this Sunday evening. Remember my sweetheart I love you ... and the boys.

Keep Smiling —