Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, March 14, 1946

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[Written from Japan, where LeGrand was part of the U.S. Army of Occupation, to his wife and sons in Logan, Utah.]

14 March 1946

Dearest wife & Sons,

Just a few lines this evening to let you receive a letter when you go to the mail box in perhaps one or so months from now. Yes, this is a great old life. It fell my lot to pull guard on 4 hrs and off 8 hours—so far this week. Just how long it will go forth will forever remain a mystery unto me no doubt.

At the present time or for the past few hours the short wave radio has been carrying some good music straight from Frisco and Los Angeles, Calif. There has been some good radio reception this night so far—music and news from nearly any part of the dial that the needle stops.

Some nights I am able to study from the radio book and learn a lot, but other nights it's just opposite. This night is one of the nights that I am unable to get anything out of what I read. I am lonesome, tire of being here, and five thousand other things. The news that I have been picking up has my old system longing to be in the Rocky Mountains.

Oh well, no matter what comes or goes, one thing will remain the same, and that's the Gospel. If a fellow sticks to the truth as he knows, things will turn out for the best when we really get the things that count or discount. Yes, the days and months are slow and despondent. But they are nothing compared to what eternity is or will be. So the things that really count are things that will remain with us throughout eternity. So our motto should be "Build for Ourselves Treasures in Heaven"—Treasures that remain to the end.

Well Sweetheart you know that I love you. In case you would like to hear it again, her it comes. I love you Sweetheart. Gives the boys a big hug for me this evening and remember to smile.

Your Husband

Return address:
Pfc. W.L. Whipple 39943825
Co. A. 3159 Signal APO 503
% P.M. San Fran Calif.

Addressed to:
Mrs. Erline A. Whipple
265 North 3rd East
Logan, Utah