Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, March 21, 1946

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[Written from Japan, where LeGrand was part of the U.S. Army of Occupation, to his wife and sons in Logan, Utah.]

21 March 1946

Dearest Wife & Sons,

It is 3 AM Tokyo time and 1800 Z time, the time they use in radio work around the world. Two of us are here this evening keeping an eye on things to keep the teletype channels open or the receiving system in order on this end.

Say by the way did I tell you that I received the first letters that you addressed to the Signal address and in one of those letters was a picture of the family. It seems about like a dream having two sons, because I have never been around my second son like I was with Walter, so you can see how it seems a dream to me. Only it seems a good dream—And the picture is plenty cute. Walter is sitting on a stool or bench and smiling as though he has a million dollar personality—if you can measure personality in dollars. William is plumb wide awake with his big eyes showing. He will learn to smile at the Kodak if he stays around his brother & mother for a while.

I received a letter from Dad and one from your mother. They have both been telling me off for not writing. Maybe the letters I send are like the ones I receive—no letters for one 6 week period, then one or two. Now days I have no letters for a week or two, then 5 or 6 all at once. Even though I don't receive letters, I know that I have a few folks at home who really care and are looking forward to being together again just as I look forward to being with my wife & family & an occasional visit to friends & relations.

News is scarce around here except that this fellow made it to Sacrament Service last Sunday. I don't know what the Jap name for the town is, but the G.I. call it the 4th Replacement Depot, where fellows come & go.

And at church I met one of Elder Dickey's school mates from Orem. The last he heard of Dickey was that he was out of the army on a medical discharge because of some fever he had. I met another of my mission companion's school friends from Tremont, Utah. It seems where someone attends church he runs into someone he knows or someone who knows someone he knows.

Well my Sweetheart, there is plenty paper, in fact there is a 2 inch stack that I have access to and there is plenty pencils around I expect. I don't know for sure because I haven't looked for a pencil since I received my Xmas pkg with this pencil in.

Oh, yes, from the talk around I might be here some time yet. Will you send a few seeds in each letter, example– lettuce, etc. And maybe a small box of Great Northern string beans (pole type), sweet corn, summer squash, etc. Maybe a box 1-2 or 3 pounds all total. Register it or send air mail if you can. Please and thanks a lot sweet heart. A little garden will make my off duty hours pass more quick. Even though I might not be here long enough to reap the harvest, it will do my old soul good to sow.

Remember, Sweetheart, I love you. Keep smiling. I love you. Adore you I do.

Faithfully yours,