Letter from LeGrand to Wife and Sons, November 26, 1945

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Nishinomiya, Japan
26 Nov 1945

Dearest Wife & Son,

Stand by for a short line from this section of the good old earth this evening. The mail has started to catch up to us now. Two of the fellows in our room got a whole stack of air mail letters that was sent APO 21355 at San Francisco. It will be a happy day when my mail starts to come through regularly again. About 7–8 or 9 days will bring an air mail letter from you.

This morning I took a big old ugly comb and tried to cut it down to a pretty little barber type comb—but in all my spare time this day I still haven't accomplished the job. I have it small enough but a long ways from smooth. I will have to get sand paper and smooth it down. Hair catches on it like a rough finger nail catch cloth.

This afternoon I had a Jap boy do my washing. 3 Garments 4 Sox 4 Handkerchief 1 towel 1 neck piece. I gave him 2 of my cigarette rations and a pkg of Doublemint gum. Cheap enough but still it is worth quite a bit to him—because chewing gum can't be bought for any price by them and they can sell gum to Jap civilians for a good sum. For example $1.50 for 1 package of cigarettes that navy men can buy for 5.5¢ 5 1/2¢ 4 per pack.

They have a PX that has been open for a few days. This afternoon I bought 10 pkgs of Wrigleys Doublemint for 33 1/3¢. Peanuts & candy the other day gum this day so along with our regular meals we fare pretty well. We can shower any hour that we want so long as we wish to shower between 1400 & 16:30 every afternoon. But we are lucky to have a good place to shower in peace & quiet around here. 2 years ago a fellow did good to get water to drink let alone to have a bath in.

Well all in all the Lord has been pretty good to this old fellow all along and given him the long end of the measure in everything. I haven't received a thing in the line of punishment that I didn't deserve and the Lord has poured out blessings that have been far above anything I have deserved.

This evening there was a group of Japs in the shop & they taught me a little bit of their language. If I could only remember. 一 = 1 [eche], 二 = 2 [nee] , 三 = 3 [sahn], 十 = 10 [joo], 十一 = 11, 二人 = 2 people, 二ツ = 2 things.

That is just a few of the items that is for a fellow to learn and remember if he is going to get an understanding of the language.

Well this isn't much of a letter but it will carry my love you and let you know that someone on this side of the world is thinking of you. May the Lord bless you with every righteous desire of your heart and may this fellow ever be worthy of your love and companionship. I love you. Remember smile.


Pay tithing on the currency in the letters. I haven't been keeping track.