Letter from the Atkinsons to LeGrand, January 12, 1941

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Dayton, Idaho
Jan. 12, 1941

Dear LeGrand,

Thanks for your picture and new year wishes. We were glad for both. The picture is a good likeness of you. We have it and a picture of Erline on the organ together, and it seems just as it should be.

We are fine and enjoying this lovely winter-spring weather. Isn't the sky blue and isn't the sun grand? Makes one glad to be alive.

We feel sure you are enjoying your work at the Mission Home. You will soon be leaving for your field of labor. We wish you joy and success. You will make friends easily, and retain them, for you bear acquaintance.

I believe in giving flowers while people are alive so will tell you that mother [Anine Mantine Law] and the people in Dayton who have met you (including ourselves) like you very much. I was talking with Mrs. Wolverton today. She is the gray-haired lady who is our neighbor on the north. I was telling her about your leaving for a mission. She said you had such a pleasing, wholesome, genuineness about you.

Well LeGrand you will grow much in the next two years. We shall try hard here at home to advance a little, so we shall not be too far behind when you return.

Erline will miss you, but she's so thrilled to have you go.

Remember we are wishing you well always, thinking and talking of you and Erline a lot, and remembering you in our prayers.

Love and best regards
us Atkinsons [i.e. Mabel Law Atkinson]

P.S. You remember my telling you that we were going to make a bookcase where the window was in the east wall of our living room? Well that bookcase is a reality now. Earl is through work for the winter and he and Melvin made it. It is completely filled with books. We all appreciate it.

Don't forget there'll be a hearty welcome for you at our home when you return.