Mother's Day 1935

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This is a copy of the 2 1/2 minute talk that I [LeGrand] gave in Sunday School on Mother’s Day 1935.

One day, after a hard day’s work delivering groceries for a large business firm, a young man sat down to read, and he saw the statement, "Many a young man thinks of his mother, but gives very little evidence of such thought."

Then his mind began to wander to his business. Most of the parcels had been addressed to the women.

Then his mind wandered to his mother, and how often he thought of her and how much tribute he paid to her. Next Sunday will be Mother’s Day, and I will write her a letter, and with it send a gift. After all, she is my best girl.

A child who really loves his mother will constantly strive to meet her desires and measure up to her expectations.

Success in life, in no small degree, is dependant on respect for those eternal truths and fundamental principles which Mother taught and exemplified.

Abraham Lincoln said on one occasion, "All that I am and all that I ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother."

Pope observed that, "Every great man so far in the history of the world has had a great mother, great in her inspiration, her encouragement, her commendation, her consolation."

Think of your mother not only on Mother’s Day, but every day, and give evidence of your love for Mother in a life that constantly leads her to be thankful for "My boy."

[Note: LeGrand's mother died less than one month after this was written, on June 5, 1935.]