My Sketches That Have Been Published in Newspapers

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Chiefly in The Preston Citizen" and The Herald Journal
By Mabel Law Atkinson

  1. "Valley Pioneer Celebrates Birthday Here, Reminisces about Early Life." Of Mrs. Olive Caroline Winn Gee, in Rexburg Journal, Rexburg, Ida., May 13, 1954.
  2. "Valley Pioneer Still Extols 'Good Old Days'." Of Mrs. Olive Caroline Winn Gee, in Post-Register, Idaho Falls, Ida.
  3. "Caroline Peterson, Pioneer Lady to Be Honored at Home in Dayton." Sketch of Mrs. Caroline E. Larsen Peterson, in Preston Citizen, October 9, 1952.
  4. "She Has No Longing for Horse-Buggy Days." Sketch of Mrs. Evelyn Pratt Griffeth, in Citizen, October 23, 1952.
  5. "Oldest Man in Dayton Reaches 79." Sketch of Cyrus McCalister Robbins. Preston Citizen, November 27, 1952, and The Herald Journal, Logan, Ut., November 28, 1952.
  6. "Pioneer Grandmother and Early-Day Tribulations and Happiness." Sketch of Matilda Adelaide Sperry Atkinson, Dayton. The Preston Citizen, March 12, 1953.
  7. "'Aunt Nancy,' Favorite of Dayton." Life of Nancy Schvaneveldt Jones. The Preston Citizen, November 20, 1952, and Herald Journal, November 30, 1952.
  8. "Franklin County Pioneer Passes 95th Milestone." Of John E. Taylor. The Preston Citizen, June 18, 1953 and in Herald Journal.
  9. "90 Year Old Pioneer Recalls the Early Days in Utah." Sketch of Mrs. Angeline D. Hansen. The Herald Journal, October 1954.
  10. "Local Pioneer Lady Young in Heart Despite her Years." Of my neighbor, Mr. Annie Mickleson Wolverton. Citizen, February 11, 1953; Herald Journal, February 28, 1953.
  11. "Mrs. Lillian Bright Honored on 80th Birthday." Of Mrs. Lillian May Hibbert Bright. The Preston Citizen, May 28, 1953; The Herald Journal, May 22, 1953.
  12. "Mary Callan Perkins, Beloved Dayton Lady." Of Mrs. Perkins. The Preston Citizen, September 10, 1953; The Herald Journal, September 15, 1953.
  13. "H. L. Cordingly, Popular Old Pioneer." Sketch of H. L. Cordingly. The Preston Citizen, July 2, 1953.
  14. "Swan Lake Couple Fetes 63 Years of Married Life." Sketch of Mr. and Mrs. William Gambles. The Preston Citizen, August 1953; The Herald Journal, September 1953.
  15. "Wed Fifty Years." Of Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Moser of Preston. Preston Citizen, December 3, 1953; Herald Journal, December 1953.
  16. "Oxford Couple Celebrates Anniversary in Florida." Of Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Fisher, Oxford, Ida. Preston Citizen and Herald Journal in February 1954 (I think).
  17. "Pioneer Story of Peter Ostegar Is Recounted." Sketch of Mr. Ostegar and wife. Preston Citizen and Herald Journal, March 1954.
  18. "Aged Lady Recalls Days of Pioneers as Young Girl Living at Battle Creek." Sketch of life of Ms. Olive Caroline Winn Gee.. Preston Citizen, May 20, 1954.
  19. "Mrs. Hermina Britenbeucher Will Observe 86th Anniversary." Sketch of Mrs. Hermina Hochstrasse Britenbeucher. Preston Citizen, August 19, 1954.
  20. "Logan Temple Worker Celebrates 77th Birthday." Sketch of Thomas John. Herald Journal.
  21. "Mrs. Irene John Celebrates Birthday Anniversary." Irene Southworth Bagley John. The Herald Journal.