Our Wedding

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By Erline

On February 5, 1943, Walter LeGrand Whipple and I were married in the Logan LDS Temple, Logan, Cache Co., Utah. This was special because it was for time and all eternity.

The night before our marriage was a real snowy blizzard, and so LeGrand was late coming to Logan from Tooele. I was attending a bridal shower for me, given by Elizabeth Hoffman and her sister, Mr. Gibbons, when LeGrand finally arrived.

LeGrand had borrowed his brother Dick's car, a 1937 Chevrolet. (When LeGrand went on his mission, Dick had used LeGrand's '29 Ford, and later Dick had gone in the Navy, so LeGrand had the use of the Chevrolet until Dick's discharge from the Navy.)

LeGrand stayed at Grandma Law's house the night before the wedding. We got ready to go the the courthouse the next morning to get our marriage license, and the car had a flat tire. By the time the tire had been fixed and we had the marriage license, it was 1:00 p.m. before we were able to be at the temple. We went through an endowment session first, as I hadn't taken out my endowments earlier. My mother went through the temple with us as did my Uncle Joseph Rasmussen and my Aunt Stella Rasmussen. My father couldn't be there as he was working in the shipyards in San Francisco (World War II).

After the wedding we went to Grandma Law's for a lovely dinner that she and Mother had prepared. Mother had made me a 3-tiered wedding cake with a wedding bell and Lily of the Valley flowers on the top layer. Grandma made her favorite chicken with noodles, (homemade) corn and other goodies. The table was set in her front room with a nice lace cloth and two double candlesticks with long white taper candles. They were lit. It was a lovely meal. Several of my friends were there. We did not have a wedding reception like people have now. Later that night we drove to Ogden and stayed at Aunt Rozella's. We had her house to ourselves. She left food for us to make our own breakfast the next morning (pancakes).

LeGrand's father and stepmother Ruth were unable to come to the wedding, so we went to Tooele to see them and the family. The people there in Pine Canyon had a surprise for us. They had a wedding dance (to records) in the schoolhouse. Then in one room of the school they had presents lying on top of the desks for us. They served cake and hot chocolate. It was a fun time, dancing with his Grandfather Smith and all the other relatives. I especially remember how his grandfather would see to it that I had to keep on dancing. The one record I remember they kept on playing was "When I Go a Honky Tonking."

We stayed a few days in Tooele with the Whipples and then left by Greyhound bus for Fishtale, Montana.