Pageants, Plays, Programs, Etc., I Have Written

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By Mabel Law Atkinson

  1. "Saga of Our Pioneers." A pageant put on by Riverheights school May 1956. Poetry and prose.
  2. "Happiness Makers." A New Year's Playlet put on by the Primary of Dayton Ward.
  3. "Parade of the Dolls." For Home Economics Style Show at West Side High School 1953. Poetry.
  4. "Aladdin's Lamp Fashion Review." For style show spring 1952 at West Side High. Poetry.
  5. "Mardi Gras Style Show." Presented by West Side High School 1954. Poetry.
  6. "Mothers and Daughters Style Show." Presented 1951 at West Side High School. Poetry.
  7. "Pages from Mother's Diary." Pageant in narrative and verse presented on Mother's Day by Dayton Ward Sunday School.