Radio Programs I Have Written and Had Given over KPST, Preston, Idaho

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By Mabel Law Atkinson
(Given by Mrs. Ethel Stevenson, Dayton, Idaho)

  1. "Indian Legends." Poetry interspersed with prose. (7 of my Indian Legends in poetry.) Given Thanksgiving 1953.
  2. "Indian Legends and Ceremonials." Seven legends in poetry introduced with narrative prose. Thanksgiving 1954.
  3. "North American Myths and Legends." Poetry and narrative prose. 4 legends in poetry.
  4. "Thanksgiving in the Heart." Narrative prose with 10 Thanksgiving poems interspersed. Thanksgiving 1952.
  5. "Close to God." Narrative interspersed with two poems on Lincoln. Lincoln's Birthday 1953.
  6. "Abraham Lincoln and His Second Mother." One poem introducing the narrative. February 12, 1954.
  7. "A King Is Born." 16 Christmas poems with explanatory prose, given Christmas 1952.
  8. "Let Us Keep Faith." 10 Christmas poems with prose between, appropriate music. December 27, 1953.
  9. "Easter Journey." Poetry and prose. 9 of my poems. Given Easter 1953.
  10. "Portrait of Father." 20 of my "Father" poems interspersed with music. Father's Day 1953.
  11. "Portrait of Mother." 19 of my "Mother" poems with music in between each. Mother's Day 1953.
  12. "The Perfect Gift." A Mother's Day story given Mother's Day 1955.
  13. "Shadrack Finds the King." A Christmas story given Christmas 1953 (I think).
  14. "I Love America." A Thanksgiving story given Thanksgiving 1955.